Windows Server 2019 create in AWS EC2 and Connect with RDP

In this article, I want to summarize all things that how to connect windows 2019 server using RDP in windows. We will use AWS free tier account.

Go to the AWS management console and select EC2 service.

After that select the instances tab.

Select the launch instances button.

Select the Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base image. Always try to select a free tier eligible image because we can use this image free of charge for 1 year.

After that select instance type t2.micro. Because it is free tier eligible. Select Configure instance details button.

Configure instance details page keep default setting and click Add storage button.

Windows machine wants to 30GB default size and clicks Add Tags button.

Add Tag values example of key = “os” , Value = “Windows”.

Next, create a new security group. Give the security group name and description. Change source to My IP. After that select Review and launch button.

The next review instance launches and clicks the launch button.

Next, select new key pair and give the key pair name after that download .pem file and click the launch instances button.

Connect instance with windows machine RDP

We can see launch instance status and click the following number.

We can see an instance dashboard. After that, we can select the newly created instance and go to “ Action -> Security -> Get windows password”.

Upload previously downloaded .pem file and select decrypt password button.

After we can see the private key. Finally, click the Select decrypt password button.

Copy the user name and password for future use. after click the close button.

Copy the public IP address.

Open Remote desktop connection and paste public IP address and give the previously saved user name and password.

After click connect button we can see the Windows server in our RDP client. In this window click the yes button.

Finally, we can see the newly created Windows server 2019.

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